Beyond The Bale is led by Seán Breathnach, and is based in New Denver in the West Kootenays, BC, Sinixt Territory.

Seán is a Red Seal carpenter, certified Bau Biologie Practicioner, has been working professionally in the natural building field for over a decade and is continually studying and updating his construction skills.

Beyond The Bale can offer carpentry services in framing, concrete and finishing,  as well as timber-framing projects (both traditional pegged frame and bolted post and beam), architectural concrete, custom finishing, roof installation, natural breathable wall systems – (light-clay and strawbale), clay and lime plasters, earthen floors ,cob, moroccan tadelakt, rocket stoves and any other natural building or healthy housing project you can think of. If you need people who can think outside the box of conventional approaches to building, please get in touch.

We try to design and build structures that resonate with the people using using them, rather than forcing the users to conform to the buildings.

Our built environment has a strong impact on our mental state. For example, a naturally lit space with varied ceiling heights and different spaces for private and communal use feels vastly different to a flat ceilinged, undefined, fluorescently lit box.  We try to work with clients and materials to create spaces that can have a positive effect on the people using them.

Beyond The Bale is committed to respecting people’s financial and social positions and to trying to accommodate all prospective clients.

“I am drawn to the use of natural building materials – such as clay, straw, and wood, because of their closeness to their original natural state, and because I strongly believe they create healthier homes. I have a passion for creating well-crafted, long-lasting shelter, inspired by traditional building practices.

Beyond The Bale is a play on words. Beyond the Pale is an expression meaning outside the norm , but it’s origins come from the British colonisation of Ireland. The Pale was the area around Dublin that was most strongly controlled by the Crown. Beyond the Pale meant outside the gates, beyond the control of the empire.   I grew up in rural Ireland, literally beyond the Pale, and like to view my work as creating alternatives outside of the modern day world of mass-production and standardisation.”  – Seánice



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