All homes, but in particular natural homes, require careful detailing for all aspects of the build. Having clear drawings before you start your project can greatly streamline the construction process and help builders to plan for and accommodate alternative building techniques. Most natural homes will need their plans to be approved by an engineer in order to satisfy the local building department.

Beyond The Bale can provide full sets of drawings for your projects, as well as design details to assist other builders in their construction of natural homes. We can also provide conceptual 3D models to help clients visualize their plans in an easier to understand format.

strawbale wall detail
Detail drawing of timber frame with strawbale wrap and earthen plasters showing air-fin and plaster-stop details.


lightclay wall detail
Detail drawing of matrix frame stud wall with light-clay infill and earthen plasters
Conceptual 3D model for a lightclay home


Click to view sample drawing of cabin wall details