Beyond The Bale can offer a wide range of services, from foundation and stick-framing to timber-framing, roofing and finishing.

In addition to the usual carpentry and building jobs, we can also offer expert design consultation for your natural buildings with professionals who have been working in the field for many years. Natural building design requires well-thought out roofing, foundation and detail design that only comes from experience. Don’t make the mistake of designing your house first and adding in natural building elements as an afterthought. We work with a group of local tradespeople that have experience with light-clay, straw-bale and earthen building that will help ease the building process.

We can help design innovative solutions to your renovation projects. We try to use the healthiest materials possible, which not only benefits the people living in the buildings, but also the builders who are constantly exposed to toxins on conventional bulding sites, and the environment which has to cope with the large energy useage and non-recycleable waste from conventional building practices.



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