Seán Breathnach led most of the timber frame and carpentry work during the construction of my straw bale home in Pass Creek. Seán proved to be an extremely dependable worker who demonstrated excellent creative carpentry skills. During construction, Seán calmly took charge and delegated responsibilities in a most soft spoken manner throughout the project.  He made home building a very pleasurable experience for me, an experience I will always treasure.
My home is a unique, hand crafted, off grid, Eco friendly home which required a great deal of detailed time sensitive construction to attain winterization.
Seán demonstrated outstanding resilience, creativity and stamina throughout the project despite the timelines.  His extremely good communication skills, combined with his kind mannerism and superb work ethics enabled Seán to effectively brainstorm and problem solve independently and with other trades people to quickly complete tasks, which successfully ensured aesthetics way beyond my imagination. “

Nadine, Pass Creek. Proud owner of an off-grid straw-bale timber-framed home

“I had no building experience , and from the beginning stages of design through to the end, every day was a pleasure to learn from and work with Seán. His practical abilities matched his vision, and I always enjoyed hearing about the creative possibilities that were available throughout the project and he was always impressive in finding ways to execute ideas. I know Seán is passionate about natural building, and with his great sense of building style, sensibility, and integrity, I highly recommend Seán to anybody who is serious about building a solid, beautiful, natural home that will last generations.”

Michael, owner of a light-clay home in Winlaw

Seán is an Old World craftsman. He does as he says he will and his word is rock solid. He cares deeply about quality. Aesthetically, he is committed to simplicity and cleanliness of line. What his client wants matters to him. Whenever we’ve discussed a project, he always listens carefully so as to fully absorb my ideas. While not imposing his own taste, he manages in execution to lift it to a whole new level of beautiful simplicity. I have come to utterly trust his work both in design and in execution and I wholeheartedly recommend him.

Rosalie, New Denver

“Seán has a great eye for design and construction details, and the skills to make them happen. It was a pleasure to have him contribute to our new home. Seán’s approach to building will make your home a healthier place to live.”

Kevin, owner-builder, Kaslo.

“It is always a pleasure working with Seán.  His passion for woodworking and natural building shows in his work, and I appreciate how his understanding of building sciences and his attention to the small details help bring a whole house design together flawlessly.  Seán has helped me out countless times to bring my construction projects from design to completion and is always willing and able to take on the day to day challenges that come along with the custom home building trade. Seán is a great asset on any building project.”
Tim Reilly, owner of TRC Timberworks, Winlaw